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Receive 2 daily emails Mon-Fri, one with approved daily drilling permits, one with daily published completion documents.




Historical Data


Full access to all historical permit and completion documentation since 2011.


$50 / month


Disposal Wells App

Available on iOS and Android

Up to date information on Commercial and Private Disposal Wells in Oklahoma.

Prices from:

$50 / month

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Permit Tracking App

Coming Soon

This app is in Beta testing at the moment on iOS and Android, click to learn more about what this will track!


$10 / month

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Oklahoma Maps

Custom Service

Our offering of standard digital maps as well as our customer mapping service.


$50 - $700+


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Who are we?

A small team committed to distributing free daily permit and well completion data in Oklahoma.

Why subscribe?

Because it's free! Unsubscribe anytime, or upgrade to one of our premium options.

Anything else?

We want to save you time and money with free & low-cost simple tools to monitor and analyze well data.

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