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Disposal Wells App

The disposal wells app is designed to provide up to date information on Commercial and Private Disposal Wells in Oklahoma.

The data is updated monthly.  Features include:

  • Color coded map (and satellite view) to show disposal well type and status

  • Well documents

  • Turn by turn directions to the well

  • Ability to contact the operator directly from the app

  • Search by map or text

  • Ability to add your own comments to a well

  • Disposal wells that are for sale

The app runs on iOS and Android platforms as well as any web browser.

The screen shot to the left shows the opening map view.  This shows commercial disposal wells color coded by their well status:

  • BLUE dots show ACTIVE wells with a VALID SWD Permit

  • GREEN dots show ACTIVE commercial wells that are exclusively tied to a particular operator.  They are unlikely to take water from anybody else

  • GREY dots show wells that have been SHUT IN but still have a VALID SWD Permit

  • ORANGE dots show well locations where the SWD Permit is PENDING

  • RED dots show wells with a new VALID disposal permit but the wells have either not been drilled or have yet to be re-completed as disposal wells.

  • BLACK dots show wells that have been PLUGGED and the SWD Permit CANCELLED

Disposal Wells App

Disposal Wells App

$ 50 per month

Commercial & Private Wells

The app has 3 main menu buttons at the bottom of the screen.  To the left we have the "Well List" view.  This maintains the same color coding and is shown in the screen shot below left.

The center screen shot below show the list of wells for sale.  Any well that is marked "for sale" will have the well name highlighted in purple.

The right hand screen shot below shows the other app views available through the "Hamburger" menu.

The additional "Hamburger" menu views should be self explanatory.  They include a map view for Private Disposal wells only (below left).  Any map views that include the private disposal wells will only show 600 wells at any one time.  As you move around on the map the 600 wells being displayed will be centered around your map location.

Clicking on a well in any map view (center screen shot below) will open a panel below the map giving you the well name and

  • Numerous options for contacting the operator

  • The ability to get turn by turn directions to the well by clicking on the car icon (screen shot right below)

From the well list you have numerous search options including operator name, such as "ZP Disposals".  This will return a list of the ZP operated wells (below left).


From the map or list view you have the ability to bring up the details for individual wells (below center and right) including permitted disposal capacities and pressures and a list of the available well documents.


You will also notice the well detail view has an "edit" icon.  Clicking on this will allow you to add your own comments about the well or to upload an image.  Comments could include the fact you are the operator and would like to mark the well for sale, or if you feel some of the information we are holding on the well needs to be updated.  When you enter any comments or add an image we will be notified and will contact you directly. 

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