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Permit Tracking App (coming soon)

This App is in Beta testing at the moment on iOS and Android platforms as well as any web browser.

The App is designed to track the last two years of new drilling permits (intents) from:

  • Initial permit approval through 

  • Permit amendments

  • Well spud

  • Well completion

Permit Tracking App

If you want to be kept up to date with progress on this new app and have the option of testing it out prior to final release please sign up below.

Permit Tracking App (currently Beta testing)

The app opens on the "Today Map" view.  This shows permits that have been approved in the last 48 hours (so will be blank on Sunday).  

The app has three main views:

1. Today Map (described above)

2. Today List

3. Tracker

These are accessible from the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks! Message sent.

"Today List" provides a list of the permits approved within the last 48 hours (so again this will be blank on Sunday)

Permits are listed by county and sorted by well name.

There are two buttons to the right of each permit.  The first takes you to a map view for that well.  The second opens up the permit document.

Clicking on any well will bring up the detailed well view. 


In the bottom right hand corner of the detailed well view you can click on the "Light bulb" icon.  This will allow you to send an email to Oklahoma Wells with comments on that specific permit - we would particularly interested in hearing from you if you feel the data is inaccurate or needs to be updated.

The "Tracker" view shows a list of counties.  And clicking on one of the counties will bring up a list of all permits for that county over the last year (this will build to a maximum of two years over time).

The dots marking each well are color coded to show well status:

  • Red dots show new permits

  • Light blue dots show that the well has been spudded

  • Dark blue dots show that the well has been completed

As the well changes status, additional information is provided in the detail view for each well, such as Spud Date, Completion Date and Initial Production Data for oil, gas and water.

We will add the completion ticket to the next version of the app.

The app has several other views.  These are accessible through the "hamburger" menu to the top left and should be self explanatory.  They will show you permits from the last 7 days, the last 30 days or the last 90 days.

Also from any map view you can click on a well and bring up summary information about that well.  At the bottom right of this map view for a specific well you have the option of clicking on the "Car" icon to get turn by turn directions to the well.

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