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Production Data

$ 10 per month per county

$50 per month all counties

If you’re trying to track Oil and Gas Production on your wells, we offer a simple low cost way to achieve that.  At $10 per month per county, up to a maximum of $50 for the whole state, our Production Data app provides 10 years of historical production for each well in Oklahoma. 

............Try it out for a month and if it doesn’t meet your requirements we will happily refund your money.  

After launching the app you will be presented with a number of different search options.  Previous searches are saved and can be rerun from the Search History menu at any time.   Another useful option is to limit the search only to wells that are actively producing by checking the "Hide Dry/Inactive Wells" box.

Hint: Don't be too specific with your search criteria.  For example if you're searching by operator, use the first few letters of the name, e.g Newfield, rather than the full company name.  This will ensure you pick up any variations recorded in the full name.

After defining your search criteria and clicking on the green button you will be presented with the search results.  As illustrated in the screen shot below, this will include the Production Unit Number, API number, well name, production data and other basic header data for each well matching your search.

From this table you can look at the detailed historical data for single wells. Newfield's ABCDS 1H-6 well's data is shown in the "Monthly Chart" at the top of this page. Newfields Annuschat well is shown in the  annual chart below. 

Other options include the ability to view, print and download documents associated with each well, such as the completion document.

Search results can also be shown in a map view where you have the ability to zoom into a particular area and to bring up detailed information after clicking on a well spot.

Wells are grouped until you reach a certain zoom level.


Summary information can be seen by hovering over a well.

For individual wells you may also be interested in finding other wells that are within a specified distance of your target well.....